Valencia James

Valencia James is a Barbadian freelance performer, maker and researcher interested in the intersection between dance, theatre, technology and activism. She believes in the power of the arts to inspire change. In 2013 Valencia co-founded the AI_am project, which explores the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence in dance. The project has been presented at several international forums such as the 2015 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Buenos Aires and premiered their first evening-length work in Budapest and Gothenburg in 2017. Valencia also creates solo works which explore stereotypes and post-colonial narratives. She has performed extensively in Hungary, Romania, Poland, France, Israel, Sweden, Argentina, and Canada.  Valencia is currently a 2020 Rapid Response for a Better Digital Future Fellow at Eyebeam Center for the Future of Journalism.

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Photo credits: György Jókúti, Csaba Mészáros, Khalil Goodman, Endre Birta