The interdisciplinary project AI_am explores how artificial intelligence (AI) and contemporary dance can inform and advance each other. Founded in 2013, the project brings together experts from the fields of dance, cognitive science, graphics and coding.

The project aims towards creating an improvised duet between an AI and a human dancer. The avatar, projected on stage, observes and learns the movements of the dancer, but also extends them with its own variations. Throughout the performance, the distinction between “teacher” and “student” gradually blurs, as the human dancer begins to find inspiration in the avatar’s novel movements.

By applying sophisticated machine learning techniques in the context of dance and by staging a unique meeting between art and science, the project seeks to rethink what performing art is or could be. At the same time, the project also raises more general questions about AI and its place in the world.

AI_am has been presented at TEDxDanubia, Budapest in May 2015. The team has published research papers in the proceedings of the 2014 & 2015 Movement and Computing Workshop, IJCAI 2015 and ISEA 2015. Their latest development, Kinetic Dialogues interactive installation was presented at IJCAI in Buenos Aires and ISEA in Vancouver.

Valencia James – Research, choreography and performance
Botond Bognár – Concept and research
Alexander Berman – AI research and development
Gábor Papp – Creative coding, rendering
Gáspár Hajdu – Motion capture, rendering, architectural design